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New Layout!

The previous one was.. umm.. I dunno. There was something that bothered me. Maybe it was that the pictures were quite old. However, these pics are new. Very new. lol. Anyway, I hope you like it!
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Jared [tattoo]


I feel like nothing today. jehkfjk

Oh, yeah.. linds_stills has it's 1st challenge up so.. you know.. :/

Tear me up.
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Jared [tattoo]


ANOTHER COMMUNITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This time, for my portfolio. So this journal will only be for life. Blogs. Anyway....


NO ONE! Will ever know why I called it j26. I want to keep it a secret. Will not trust no one. Will not tell no one. Remains a mystery. END OF STORY.
Jared [tattoo]

Paid Accounts

I'm thinking about getting one. :/ It's way cheap, no advertising with 30 userpics or 100 if u pay what.. 12$ extra.. or something..

I'll talk to dad. He lets me get anything, bad part: I pay. Yeah, 12 years old, where do I get money? Allowance. I have enough anyway. I'm keeping my lifesavings money saved. My sister = total opposite. She says that I'm odd because I don't spend my money. I ask.. why and how is that so? Anyway, I'll be having a new community up for my graphics.. ya know.. a portfolio. Befores and afters. Colorizations, icons, layout, etc.. etc..



I finally saw Ratatouille. Made me go ape over grape. No, actually. Made me go yum yum.
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